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We take family, friends, travel and memories seriously -- as a part of all-around good health.  There are "home movies" and notes from a trip or two that you may find interesting.
Happy Bird, for Ruth
2405 Woodland Avenue Album
Bob (and Mike) -- BIRTHDAY!
Shaklee 50th Anniv. Convention, San Fran; Aug., 2006
Moms and Dads - celebrations
The Famliy at the Beach -- June 2004 - 40th anniversary
Return Trips to Ohio
The LGP-30 -- Bob's first computer!
Tom Connolly Pictures - for his sister
Radar Hill Laboratory  For Ohio Univ. friends 
Clippit Revenge - just fun!
Bob Lilley Sr. 90th Birthday and Four Generations
Ellen, Kandace and Lily on the Channel Cat, May, 2002
I Madonnari -- pavement drawings -- May, 2002
38th Anniversary Local Cruise, June 2002
Charleston trip pictures July 2002
International Loran Association Page
A visit to the Offshore Oil Platform "Holly"

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Those Christmas Letters
Japan, April - June, 1997    Japan October 2004
England trip November, 1999
Alaska trip June, 2001
California since 1998   Califonia Fires 2003  Ruth Visit
Paris trip October, 2001
Seattle Trip November 2001
San Diego Trip January 2002
Shaklee National Science Symposium, May, 2003
Mary Dewey Studio; Ohio, July 2003: 2006, 2009 updates
A Santa Barbara Sunday - 5/26/03

Americana Hotel - Home away from home - 2000>
Last Illgen Party before NGC Buyout - 2003

Our past involvement in Santa Barbara Newcomers and in the International Loran Association bridges work and relaxation. Now it's "The Graduates"!  Nueva Santa Barbara Photo Exhibit
"Retirement" Party for Julie Morrow
"The Graduates" Social and Educational Club
Some web pages are hosted for others; you'll see some broadcast history from Bob's West Virginia days, and some retrospectives on places and friends.  Union Carbide Summer Camps
South Charleston High School Days
WHMS Radio Charleston WV in the 50s
WKAZ Radio Charleston WV in the 50s
Remembering Robert V. Barron
WPGU Univ. of Illinois - 1959-60
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